A Gibson worth saving. I don't know how it got to this point of destruction, but it was pretty awful.

Can't even see the splint piece!

Done at last.

The finished product came out very nice!!

What it takes to reglue a bridge (after you finish removing, cleaning

it up, ect.) $75.00 and up

Gluing loose ribs on an acoustic guitar.

What a low fret looks like. (the frets were all highlighted to start)

The tape (next pic) protects the finish on a maple or finished neck while sanding and buffing.  $70.00 and up.

This is how I deepen or true up the saddle slot on an acoustic guitar.

It is often neccessary when installing a pickup under the bridge saddle.

It takes about a half hour to get set up and about two minutes to do the cut!

A hornet's nest inside a bass violin. Not active, thank goodness.


Pictures of various stages of repairs.

Almost nothing left of the top under the bridge, I put in a new face plate inside and an insert on top before re-glueing the bridge.

A unique surfboard guitar I built with the owners ideas. He brought the wood to me in large chunks, and I cut it up on my table saw, along with slicing off the sides of his import Strat. I hope he (bottom pic) has a strong back because it weighed in at 19 pounds!